Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson’s School of Music

Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson’s School of Music, established in 1964, is now the largest Music School of this kind in Iceland with 550 students.

Its main building is situated at Engjateigur 1 but the school also operates on its own premises at Hraunberg 2 and in Dalskóli in Úlfarsárdal district.

The School’s policy focuses on stimulating general music activities and musical knowlege. Meeting the needs of those that strive to increase their abilities in music whilst studying in other fields or occupations is also an important part of its policy. Much emphasis on parental participation and cooperation with their children’s activities ensures good results and enjoyment. On fulfilling these conditions, music making will become an inevitable and a normal part of our everyday life.

It is inevitable that some students progress and increase their playing technique and musical understanding to the extent of mastery. Therefore a number of advanced courses are offered to those that show growing interest and enthusiasm. A number of students have graduated with a diploma from the school and are making their career in music, both in teaching and performance here in Iceland and abroad.

No requirements are made concerning age or former training for admittance to the school but demands are made that these students show interest, good attendance and good homework. Most children start in the group classes, which is an excellent way to prepare for studying an instrument.

Further information can be obtained from the office at Engjateigur 1, 105 Reykjavík, tel: 568 5828.